5 Simple Steps to Choosing Your Board Meeting Software

All board meeting participants share the responsibility to make the event productive. However, leaders or team leaders have an additional degree of responsibility.

The Correct way of Choosing Your Board Meeting Software

It is clear that constant technological breakthroughs are forcing companies to go digital in order to survive. Consumers are looking for more digital opportunities and are rejecting offers that can’t. While there are risks involved in introducing new technologies, the potential benefits can justify the efforts and costs of digitalization.

Meetings are a chance to quickly resolve a lot of issues. But there is also a danger – work meetings can be extremely ineffective if you approach their organization with negligence. Effective meetings are a strong point of any leader. Unfortunately, this material does not contain all the most important information. If you are seriously concerned about strengthening teamwork, here is a selection of books for leaders, and here are good training courses in business and management. According to the survey results, up to 80% of the time is spent on negotiations and meetings. To get the most out of that 80%, take on a few simple life hacks.

Before choosing your board meeting software, it is recommended to check:

  • The platform for conducting online sessions: you can use video conferencing platforms or special platforms with functionality to create online courses.
  • Messenger with the ability to create multiple discussion threads.
  • Cloud storage for storing and sharing training materials.
  • Shared workspace for group work – it can be both documents in the cloud storage, and special boards.

The best board meeting software will help you to improve employee productivity. By being able to choose where to work from and to maintain a lifestyle that suits them, employees get more job satisfaction, which is positive for them to fulfill their professional responsibilities.

What Are 5 Simple Steps to Choosing Your Board Meeting Software?

There are guidelines to help leaders and participants choose the board meeting software more effective:

  1. Is this platform fully adapted for the participation of several tens, several hundred, or even several thousand participants? Are the features offered (e.g. website, customer dashboard, webinar room) supported in your language? This is important when organizing an online event on an international scale.
  2. Whether it is possible to use the platform via a web browser or is the installation of the program required.
  3. How basic functions are performed on it, such as: showing presentations, videos, conducting polls, chatting, sharing the screen, drawing on slides, co-editing content with participants, or exporting a recording of a meeting to Google Drive or YouTube.
  4. What quality of web conferencing can the platform provider offer? HD is obviously the most desirable, but in case of an unstable connection, it is important that the speaker can lower the transmission quality to ensure a stable connection.
  5. Set the agenda for the meeting. The success of the meeting depends on the preparation of the participants. Distribute a carefully written agenda to the participants in advance, giving them ample time to prepare. A productive agenda answers three key questions: What do we need to do in this meeting to achieve our goals? What are the issues that need to be discussed? What information should be available to discuss these issues?