How Much Does a Board Portal Cost ?

In a globalized and dynamic world, digital technologies have spread rapidly, and the economy, labor market, and society as a whole are changing at an unprecedented rate, the help of which can be reached with a board portal.

How Much Should You Pay for a Board Portal?

Does it take a long time to organize a board meeting and notify everyone? Some important information is lost? There is no way to assess the effectiveness of the tasks adopted at the meeting? The client base has released the board portal add-on, designed to easily organize meetings, enter and store all information on them in one place. Using the board portal, you will be able to: save time on organizing meetings and inviting participants, conveniently store and use all information on meetings in a structured manner, monitor the execution of tasks accepted at the meeting online, print meeting minutes with all the necessary information.

Choosing a quality boar portal is difficult. Moreover, if you need a multifunctional, free or inexpensive solution. Besides, the cost of the board portal depends on the pricing plan you choose. When choosing programs for selection, we first of all paid attention to:

  • price – paid/free;
  • maximum number of participants;
  • functions;
  • test period;
  • integration;
  • storage size;
  • availability of support service;
  • duration of the conference;
  • the ability to work from a phone/desktop.

The costs of organizing a board portal are comparable to the cost of organizing a regular training format. Additional expenses may be required to organize online sessions. But most of the online tools have free plans. If the set of free features is not enough, then usually the creators offer special offers at more affordable prices for non-profit organizations or for educational purposes. If there is no information on the official website about this, then ask the creators about it directly.

What Should You Pay Attention to While Choosing a Board Portal?

In the economic realm, digital technology is one of the main drivers of growth, productivity, competition, and innovation potential. In the labor market, they threaten existing professions, especially those that involve performing monotonous tasks, but at the same time – open up opportunities for the creation of new ones, mainly related to the so-called digital economy. Jobs are emerging where people are increasingly interacting with digital tools and artificial intelligence.

While choosing board portal for the best price, it is recommended to pay attention to:

  1. Pay special attention to technical support. A video camera, microphones, and a stable Internet connection are the minimum set for organizing the virtual part of the training. Form a technical support team to work at the event and introduce it to the audience so that attendees know they will be available to help in case of technical problems.
  2. Organize offline and online work without compromising each other. When training occurs in parallel for listeners in the classroom and those who connect remotely, arrange the real participants so that group dynamics and the possibility of high-quality video recording are preserved. Build an online broadcast and/or video recording for a remote audience, depending on the context: showing the speaker – showing the speaker’s presentation – showing the audience.
  3. Prepare speakers and moderators for hybrid work. Since not all speakers may have experience of speaking at hybrid educational events, explain to them the specifics of the format and, together with the technical group, organize a test connection and presentation.